Monday 12:30, Lamlash Bay, Arran

Having rowed out from Jura at 16:00 Sunday into a flat calm, after completing The Paps and taken their ‘man mountain’ tally to 8, The Old Dogs are on their 3rd Island Peak, Goatfell, Arran.

Rob, Steve, Dennis and Harry set of at 13:00 to bag the final peak, and Mike is anchorman on board Firebird, a race requirement to always have at least one person on board.

However, there has been a significant development overnight. Having eventually rowed out to find wind, we sailed through the night towards the Mull of Kintyre.

We needed to reach the Mull in time to catch the tide, but with the force 5-6 north westerly wind that was forecast, this should have been easily achievable. Sadly it was not to be and having sailed into a westerly wind through the night, at 6am we were becalmed.

Given our proximity to the Mull of Kintyre and it’s strong tides, we had to decide whether to leave ourselves to the will of the wind until the tide turned or to start up the engine and this retire from the race.

At 06:16, we took the decision to motor around the Mull and advise the race organizers that we were removing ourselves from the race, which have since learned that 12 other crews have done also.

Hindsight has shown this to be the right decision as it was a flat calm for the next 6hrs around to Arran.

So although we are out of the official race, we are still going to complete the challenge getting runners on Goatfell and then back to Troon, means we will have completed course, but not under sail for the Mull of Kintyre section.

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