We conquer….

Sunday 21.00 hrs, the mountain dogs returned at 14.30 hrs after conquering all three grands Paps in 20m visibility in hill cloud above 250m and very wet & boggy conditions underfoot.
Before setting sail 2 crises had to be addressed – no water, and no GPS. Next attention turned to crisis 3, no wind!
ROWING out of Jura entertained a Russian cruise ship and the game of lasso to free the main sheet must have puzzled them even more, especially the 2 fender hoist & swing alternative to hoisting skipper Rob up the mast. After a good km of rowing we finally found 6 knots of wind, sufficient for about 1.2knots over the water. Spent the next few hours trimming/setting the rigging to optimise speed & direction as we inched towards the Mull of Kintyre.
Good old Firebird is proving to be like an italian car, perhaps not the fastest, best handling or most reliable but issues are fixed in good time and she has bags of character:)
The first night watch is just about to start the first 3 hour shift at 22.00hrs. Eta for the Mull is 01.00 hrs, then its full steam ahead to Aran and Goat Fell. Slowly, slowly catchy monkey or perhaps gorilla 😉

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1 Response to We conquer….

  1. Michele Hawkes says:

    I’m reading your post and humming Mull of Kintyre, can’t help it. Here’s hoping you get some wind boys.

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